Welcome to the website of the General Consulate of Lebanon in the Great State of Victoria.

site, which is still under construction, lays out valuable information about a wide range of services provided by the General Consulate. It also includes a general profile of the land of the Cedars and a set of useful links connecting you to a variety of sites containing helpful information needed by businessmen and travellers alike.

Lebanese emigrants are an edifice of pride and a majestic pilar that have sustained Lebanon, especially in difficult times. From science to art and from politics to culture, Lebanese emigrants have been entrepreneurs and pioneers. Throughout the many difficult times that Lebanon has encountered since 1943, the emigrants have proven time and again that they are a source of great strength and an indispensable asset that Lebanon can rely on. For this reason it was not suffice for Lebanon to establish diplomatic relationships with friendly countries across the Globe. General Consulates were established, in Brazil, The United States of America, Italy, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Australia just to name a few. They were all founded to ensure effective and efficient services to the Lebanese emigrants, while at the same time strengthening their bonds to the land of their ancestors.

The statement of mission of this General Consulate is "Building bridges and strengthening bonds". A community as diversified, efficient and proud, as the Lebanese community in Victoria deserves no less than a dedicated and professional service.

Aware of the difficult circumstances that have led the early fathers to emigrate to a country as far and as beautiful as Australia, this General Consulate is determined to make Lebanon look nicer and feel closer to the hearts and minds of the new generation. We are also determined to strengthen the relationships between Lebanon and Victoria mainly in the field of trade but also in the fields of culture, education, arts and many more.

The co-operation between this Consulate-General and the Lebanese community, the Australian government agencies and private enterprises is essential to the success of the mission. Better co-operation will yield better results for all.


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