Until further notice the Consulate General of Lebanon can only renew the BURGUNDY passports for one year and the BLUE passports for one or five years.

The Consulate CANNOT issue a passport without prior approval of the Directorate of General Security in Beirut, which is only given in special circumstances. Upon receiving the approval the consulate will issue the Burgundy coloured passport to the applicant for one year only.

If an applicant needs to return to Lebanon urgently and his passport was either lost or unrenewable, then the Consulate-General will issue a Travel Document to the applicant valid for up to three months maximum and for one trip only.

We encourage all members of the Lebanese community who are travelling to Lebanon to acquire the new blue machine readable Lebanese passport.

As of June 30th 2006, all Lebanese nationals must hold the new magnetic Identification Card (ID). We encourage all members of the Lebanese community abroad to apply, upon their arrival to Lebanon, for the new ID. The Lebanese security agencies will enforce punitive measures against Lebanese citizens who do not hold this ID while in Lebanon. Lebanese Immigrants will be exempt from these measures on condition they apply for this ID upon their arrival to Lebanon.

Applicants under 18 require a written PARENTAL CONSENT from both parents authorizing the Consulate to issue or renew their passport.

If Applicants wish to have their passports and other documents sent back to them by mail, then they should include with their application a stamped self-addressed or priority prepaid envelope. "The Consulate-General will not be responsible for their loss or damage".



иFor holders of travel documents issued after January 1, 1993, the applicants should:

и For holders of travel documents issued prior to January 1, 1993 and were never renewed after that date, the applicant should:


Fees are only accepted in cash or by Bank Cheque/Money order made payable to the Consulate-General of Lebanon.

Application Form for New/Renewal of Travel Document