Registration of Vital Events



1- MARRIAGE: Either spouses may apply.

I- If both spouses are Lebanese:

II- If either spouse in non-Lebanese:

N.B.: One year into the official registration IN LEBANON of the marriage, the wife has the right to apply for the Lebanese citizenship.

2- BIRTH: Either parents or legal guardian may apply.

"Only children of Lebanese fathers can be registered".

Before a birth registration can be processed by the Consulate-General, the parents must provide proof (marriage certificate or a recent family census record “Ikhraj Kayd A’ily”) verifying the registration of their marriage in the Civil-Acts Register in Lebanon. In case it is not, then the marriage must be registered either before or together with the birth registration.

3- DEATH: Any of the legal heirs may apply.

4- DIVORCE: Either Spouse may apply.

  • 1- The marriage should first have been registered either in Lebanon or at any mission and executed in the Civil Acts Register in Lebanon.

  • 2- The final divorce will take effect in Lebanon after sanction by the Relevant Court. For this reason, it is advisable for the applicant to nominate an attorney to follow up on the papers in Lebanon.

I- If both spouse are Lebanese:

  • The Lebanese identity papers for both husband & wife, “an I.D. Card or an Extract of Individual and Family Civil Registry Record (Ikhraj Kayd Fardy and A’ily).

  • Lebanese Marriage Certificate.

  • The Divorce Court Order translated in Arabic and both order and translation legalized by the State Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

A fee in the amount of A$39.50 is charged by the Consulate-General: A$23.50 for the legalization of the Divorce Court Order, plus A$16.00 for the legalization of the translation. (Only cash or bank cheque/money order payable to the Consulate-General of Lebanon are accepted).

II- In case of a Foreign partner:

  • Same as above plus the foreign partner’s Birth Certificate and a copy of his/her passport.


  • Acquiring another nationality does not result in losing the original Lebanese citizenship as Lebanon accepts the principle of dual citizenship.

  • Children born to Lebanese fathers are entitled to the Lebanese citizenship.

  • Foreign wives of Lebanese husbands are entitled to obtain the Lebanese citizenship one year after the marriage has been entered in the Civil Acts Register in Lebanon.

  • Foreign husbands are entitled to a Lebanese nationality provided they live for a continuous year in Lebanon after the registration of the marriage in the Lebanese Civil Registry (Conditions apply).

A foreign wife entitled to Lebanese Citizenship and wishing to obtain it requires the following:

  • Applying for the Lebanese citizenship with her husband’s approval in writing.

  • Lebanese Marriage Certificate or a recent Extract of Family Civil Registry Record (Ikhraj Qayd A’ily), showing the date of registration of marriage.

  • The wife’s Birth Certificate.

  • The wife’s valid passport showing her current surname.

  • The husband’s Lebanese I.D. Card or Extract of Family Civil Registry Record (Ikhraj Qayd Fardy).

  • Co-habitation record to be executed by the head of mission after a thorough investigation.

A fee in the amount of A$31.50 is charged to process the citizenship application. (Only cash is accepted).